The Team

Authentic, versatile and loving

We speak many languages, come from the most diverse parts of the world, have the most varied backgrounds and share a very special passion: to make the best of every day with love, humor and openness and to be a valuable companion to every child.

Our team is made up exclusively of professionally qualified employees who enjoy their work and are committed to it. We are constantly learning through regular training and further education and always bring new impulses to our learning concepts. And a breath of fresh air in our daily, shared life.

We cultivate a considerate and appreciative relationship not only with our protégés, but also with each other. Satisfaction, mental and physical health are especially important to us. Only if we ourselves feel good and balanced, we can give children the security they need.

The BLC is managed by Manuela and Stefan Wellenzohn, who have been developing the institution since its founding and who stand up for its values and goals with their personalities.

The baby mom

Small, smaller, smallest…! For Sarah, our new arrivals can’t be young enough. With loving devotion, she cares for our babies and the youngest in the BLC and prudently looks after their well-being.

The passionate musician

Alex can hardly live without his guitar, with it he is a true virtuoso. With his own compositions and our BLC repertoire of songs, he inspires young and old in BLC Bambini Village.

The star cook

In our BLC star kitchen Claudia lovingly conjures up delicious meals and snacks every day, as well as legendary desserts for the children and sometimes for the adults.

The crazy noodle

Magda can’t be described, Magda has to be experienced…! With her contagious laugh she always spreads good mood. Responsible for crazy stuff and action that is fun, even if it’s just to get her hair painted.

The creative one

Crafting, painting and designing – experiencing the world of art together and discovering yourself as an artist. Ira makes all of this possible with her distinct creativity and ideas.

The knowledge adventuress

Maddy is the right place for our “big” preschoolers. With Smartboard and the support of her hand puppet Josephine they explore the number path, chase the smart mice and experience real adventures on the way to school enrollment.

The English Teacher

Whether coming up with creative ideas and learning concepts, providing support for our native speakers, or in the BLC After School Club, the English language immersion in our bilingual daycare is a matter that is very close to Tess’ heart.

The hardworking craftsman

Most of all he loves wood! Cupboards, tables, chairs and shelves – everything is made-to-measure and installed. As a “pedagogical janitor” he teaches our children first skills and how to use tools.