Every scoop is an adventure

Mini Master Chefs

Promoting joy and an interest in cooking and eating is especially important for the development of our children. At our Mini Master Chefs programme, we do everything with lots of love, passion, fun and, of course, enjoyment. We learn about ingredients and how a recipe works. We gain experience with kitchen equipment and learn about various preparation methods. We also discover how much fun it is to set the table and enjoy a meal together.

Cake Workshop & Co.

No doubt that cake is one of the highlights for children and that is why it is so much fun for them to bake, decorate and treat themselves to a slice. But at our workshop, we not only prepare the most spectacular works of art, but we also learn a lot about the ingredients and the preparation and create delicious desserts.

Delicacies & Highlights

How do you turn all kinds of ingredients into a delicious meal? When cooking in our magic kitchen, we show children what skills they already have and conjure up delicious meals on the table. What makes this simply fun is the fact that cooking together also promotes fine motor skills, stimulates the imagination, and creates team spirit.

Impressions of the mini master chefs

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