Learning can be this much fun!

Fit for School

In spacious, inspiring rooms, equipped with up-to-date and holistic learning materials and accompanied by innovative learning concepts, our pre-school programme “Fit for School” offers optimally thought-out education and support that perfectly complements your child’s preparation for school. With elements from the world of letters and numbers, there are great opportunities here to take away children’s fear of starting school and to promote their self-confidence. Our educators look forward to providing basic knowledge in a playful and age-appropriate way, without any pressure or stress.

Global Language English

Children learn a language best when they immerse themselves in it with all their senses. Consequently, our motivated teachers will take their young “pupils” on an exciting journey during which language is explored, discovered, and internalised hands-on with both the heart and the mind. Your child will experience English firsthand with joy and ease while their existing language skills are strengthened. Our learning units are suitable for every level and every (kindergarten) age. We recommend booking a minimum of ten units to give what your child has learned the time to develop.

German language - difficult language?

German language – difficult language? Not in our innovative German course for nonnative speakers! Here, in a 60-minute course, there’s fun, games, and excitement instead of memorising vocabulary. Through interactive stories, language games, interactive puzzles, movement songs and building activities, excursions into nature and many more, children can learn German without pressure, excessive demands, and frustration. Here, children can strengthen their language skills and refine their abilities. We provide the right activities for every age and every language level! The best thing is to book 10 units and experience your child’s progress live!

Letters and numbers (preschool)

The world of letters and numbers in our preschool programme is a fantastic opportunity to take away your children’s fear of starting school. Our educators aim to provide basic knowledge in a playful and age-appropriate way to facilitate a smooth transition from kindergarten to school.
The “Fit for School – Programme”, with elements from the world of letters and numbers, is a well-thought-out educational programme that perfectly rounds off the preparation for school.

Previews from our preschool programme