Discover the world!


The world is so incredibly big – and it’s fun to discover it. Whether it’s the secrets of the world of science, from magnetism to volcanoes and dinosaurs to our own bodies, the diverse cosmos of botany or current topics such as the environment and climate protection – children are incredibly inquisitive and enjoy getting to the bottom of things. That’s why they have fun discovering, tackling and participating in our exciting adventures during the afternoon.

The world of science

During our afternoon programme, we focus on the world of science and embark on a journey that takes us to the most exciting topics about the world we live in. What is magnetism? How does a volcano form? How does our body work? These and many other questions are discovered here through play.

Mini Botanist

Children love plants – and at the Mini Botanists programme, we aim to spark their curiosity about research and discovery Here they not only discover the diversity of different plant species, but also learn a lot about biological correlations, the wondrous processes in nature and the secrets of flora & fauna.

Environment & Climate Protection

Climate change and environmental protection are the defining issues of our time – and it’s never too early to start thinking about them. From the greenhouse effect to recycling, we learn about the most important terms and how they relate to one another, do lots of experiments and form our own opinions about our future and behaviour.

BLC School Holiday Academy

The school holidays are long – even more reason to join us on our entertaining weekly courses. Here at the School Holiday Academy, knowledge-seeking children can go on a voyage of discovery and engage themselves intensively with exciting topics. There is plenty of time for a hands-on experience and immersion. Book now to secure a spot for your child!