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Let's Party!

Kids love parties! That’s a good thing, because we love them too! And we’re really looking forward to it if you just let the next birthday party happen at our place. This not only brings lots of fun for the kids, but also relief for parents.

First of all, we focus on your child’s wishes. From a fairy tale ball with a red carpet to a sports olympiad with fun competitions, from a pizza baking event to a science or disco party, from Pokemon and Ninjago to Bob the Builder, Snow White, Avengers or Ice Queen – whatever is in fashion at the moment, we make a really good party out of it!

Our center is ideal for this. In our multi-purpose room, there is not only plenty of space, but also a stage, lighting and fog machine. Our magic kitchen is the perfect place for little bakers who want to casually handle a lot of flour. Our cupboards are full of costumes, confetti cannons, snow and glitter, funny masks and many other utensils. And on our huge outdoor area you can organize the most exciting treasure hunts, of course with a campfire, stick bread and dancing with lights in the dark afterwards.

The planning and execution is done by our staff, who are not only enthusiastic party makers, but also musicians, actors, cooks and much more. And if we can’t do something ourselves, we book the appropriate party people – from magicians to soccer players.

Of course, we also cater to your wishes when it comes to catering. Muffin buffet, fruit pyramids, snack vegetable platters, waffle witch, cake battle, pizza to put on yourself, spaghetti bolognese, pancake – we are guaranteed to conjure up a glow on hungry faces. As parents, you are free to decide how much you would like to request – of course, you can also bring your own food, cake and drinks.

It is very important for us that the children have a lot of fun and can also make a lot of mess without getting into trouble. And we also want the parents to be able to enjoy the party without having to do any work – attent the party simply as spectators, as guests with a nice coffee or Prosecco next door.

So: Let’s party!

Coming Events


Sleepover at the daycare center

Here, the fun doesn’t start until everyone else goes to bed. Our sleepover parties are popular with parents and kids alike – well, let’s stick to the truth, the kids have the most fun, of course.

Get out of your own bed and have some fun! It’s loud and colorful at our regular “sleepover parties”, because before your kids snuggle into their beds – and whisper to each other for a long time to come – there are plenty of surprises and little adventures waiting for them.



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Graduation Event

At the end of each kindergaten year, the future “school children” are given a ceremonial farewell. This event takes place in the style of graduation ceremonies known from international schools and universities. As a bilingual educational institution, we adapt this tradition in an age-appropriate way and celebrate with a large stage, the families and their relatives/friends, and our staff for a great family celebration.


Halloween Party 2022

Regularly at the beginning of the dark season – around the end of October – for a few days, our daycare center is transformed into a gruesome haunted castle, full of cobwebs, strange creatures and all kinds of creatures. At our legendary “Halloween Party”, young and old in spooky costumes celebrate a lively party with lots of fun and surprises.


Childrens's birthday party

Celebrating a child’s birthday at home is OUT – celebrating a child’s birthday at the daycare center is so IN! Our terrific birthday parties at the BLC have already spread far and wide. On request, we can design an individual birthday party with an all-round carefree package, even with a special theme such as “Spiderman” or “Ice Queen”. As parents, you shall have no stress with the organization and your child can romp with their guests in our rooms and celebrate until they drop.

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