Adventure Learning

The Bambini Academy

Welcome to the BLC Academy, where we focus on learning, exploring, discovering and most importantly, lots of fun! Our vision is to inspire and encourage children with a diverse range of exciting lessons, afternoon workshops and week-long courses. With great motivation, passion and pedagogical know-how, we accompany the little ones on their way to promoting knowledge, self-confidence and social competence. Whether it’s school preparation in our pre-school programme, the fascinating world of Mini Explorer or the creative discovery of cooking and baking secrets in our own star kitchen – here every child will find the perfect opportunity to develop their interests and discover new talents. We look forward to seeing you!

Fit for school - preschool

In our pre-school we get children fit for school with lots of fun, good humour and playful concepts. We provide knowledge, take away any anxieties and strengthen our children’s self-confidence so that the transition from kindergarten to school goes smoothly. In this way, we create the best conditions for successful learning without stress and difficulties.


Here, even the youngest ones become great explorers. We want to enable children to experience, understand and actively shape the world in which they live. We believe that children can often do more than adults would give them credit for and support our Mini Explorers to learn, understand and be active in many different subject areas!

Mini Master Chefs

In our child-friendly and well-equipped star kitchen, we cook and bake the most beautiful delicacies together. The menu includes everything from homemade jam to handmade pasta that makes our mouths water. Of course, snacking is always allowed.