Discovering the world with enthusiasm

From the very beginning, small children are the greatest discoverers – and it is our goal to accompany them as best as possible on their journey of discovery during the first years of their lives. We do this with love, care and a particularly high teacher-to-child ratio, which gives us plenty of time for the individual development of each child. And with playful learning concepts that always provide excitement and enthusiasm – whether in our spacious rooms or outside in the fresh air.

We take a lot of time to talk to each child, to listen to them and to accept them. Along the way and without pressure, children learn many things that will benefit them by the time they reach school age. From social skills such as consideration and helpfulness to bilingualism which is part of daily life.

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6th week of life

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At home times five - our groups

We are particularly interested in providing age-appropriate and homogeneous care for the children in order to meet the needs of each developmental stage with appropriate support. For this reason, in addition to three nursery groups and a two-part elementary group, we also have a transition group in which children from two to a maximum of four years old practice “being grown up”. In this way, we can facilitate smooth, gentle transitions between the groups yet keep the age differences within each group small. At the same time, the children regularly see each other in our common rooms and on the outdoor play area regardless of which group they belong to so that they can learn and benefit a lot from each other every day, even across age boundaries.

Being happy together - our togetherness

Approaching each other, learning from each other, helping each other, sometimes arguing and then getting along again – at BLC, children experience real community instead of competitiveness from an early age. Together with their teachers, they learn to resolve conflicts, to respect each other, to remain curious about each other, and to treat each other with kindness and acceptance. Young and old, we in BLC love the diversity of characters and nations that we encounter and inspire every day. Every child has his or her say and feels accepted, safe and seen.

Learning and celebration at the BLC

Like a second home!