Our learning concepts

Learning with ease

Probably never again will children find it so easy to learn new things as they would during the first years of their lives. They grasp the most complicated things with ease and fun – best when they receive professional support and loving affirmation.

In BLC, we take this approach specifically. We inspire and motivate, provide excitement and variety, and respond to each child individually. We never say “You can’t do that,” but all the more often we say “Give it a try!”. This way, we strengthen the children’s self-esteem and trust in their own abilities.

With the various activities we offer and our learning concepts, we enable even the youngest children to learn with all their senses – with the mind, heart and hands – and thus lay the foundation for balance and learning skills for the rest of their lives.


Learning English is a primary concern in BLC – but without any pressure or excessive expectations. With the immersion method, the children learn foreign language through play, daily interaction with their native speaker teachers, and by understanding the context of situations and actions. English thus becomes a natural part of everyday life. We promote English by contributing through regular, age-appropriate lessons, in which the language is deepened through play.

Mini Math

Understanding mathematical concepts during kindergarten and preschool age plays a key role in ensuring that children enjoy mathematical tasks later on in school and find it easier to solve them.

In our “Mini Math” learning concept, the children travel to a new Number Land every week and discover the numbers 1 to 10 one after the other in a holistic way. Thus, the number five is learned and explored by means of a pentagonal garden, a house with five windows, a game with five stones, a five-digit stamp, and much more. For each number, corresponding puzzles are solved, stories are read, athletic tasks are mastered, T-shirts are worn, and songs are sung. In this way, each child develops an intuitive understanding of numbers and quantities without having to use their counting fingers. The children love their Number Land and are even diligent and proud about their homework.

Duck Land

Before the younger children visit Number Lands, they explore Duck Land consisting of a felt duck pond, duck house, duck family, a fox and other figures. In the process, the understanding of prepositions such as “behind”, “above” or “in front of” is promoted and their linguistic expression is learned accompanied by all kinds of stories. The teacher is the Duck “Oberschlau”, who makes all kinds of mistakes with his beak and yellow apron – much to the delight of the children, who of course want to eagerly correct such a clumsy Duck.

Yoga and movement

Awareness of one’s own body, learning mindfulness in everyday life, the conscious perception of sensations, smells and tastes, promoting concentration and getting to know relaxation techniques – all this is on the program in our yoga and movement classes. Our certified yoga teacher is actively supported by her little West Highland Terrier, who is an additional motivator for the children. An hour entirely dedicated to a relaxed childhood, harmony and togetherness.

Babbling Club

To speak freely, to express oneself clearly and to express one’s feelings and thoughts through language – not all children find this easy. That is why we invite them every week in small groups to the Babbling Club with Frieda the Babbling Worm. Two of our language specialists are trained to check the children’s language development and train their mouth and tongue motor skills. It’s no wonder that the children in BLC become real chatterboxes.

Workshop Club

How do I use a screwdriver? What do I do with a saw? And how do I get a nail into the board? All these questions are answered in our Workshop Club that takes place in our large creative room. Here, the older children can drill, sand, saw, file, and screw – all under the expert guidance of our pedagogical janitor. By the way, thanks to his carpentry skills, he contributes largely to our center’s unique furniture and accordingly enjoys a lot of appreciation from the children.

Early musical education

Children love music – and they love Alex, our music teacher. When he brings out his guitar, drums, and tambourines in the group rooms, the little ones are all ears. And that’s not all: Of course, they sing and make music themselves, whatever their voices and instruments can do. Clapping beats, bouncing notes, dancing melodies – learning to know and love music is the goal of early music education.

The magic kitchen

Our lifelong nutritional habits and our attitude towards food and eating are shaped during childhood. That’s why in BLC we not only place a lot of emphasis on healthy and balanced cooking. We also want to teach children how to cook and handle food, from washing to weighing to preparation. In our magic kitchen – and on trips to the weekly market – we discover together what foods are available, how vegetables change during chopping, cooking or juicing, how flour and eggs turn into cake, or what happens to the pizza dough in the oven. We learn how to handle kitchen utensils safely and learn the most important things about hygiene. We set the table together and practice festive decorations. And, of course, we learn how to use cutlery wisely. Like everything else at the BLC, it’s fun, stress-free and always appropriate for the children’s age.

German Preschool

In our preschool group, the children are gently eased into preparing for first grade and everyday school life. In the first playful steps, they learn to write numbers and letters, make their first acquaintance with reading and learn many exciting things about nature, life and the world. Our preschool room is just as colorful and inspiring as the other classrooms, equipped with a Smartboard and a little school atmosphere. The children think it’s great and can’t wait to go to “real” school.

What makes us so unique

Learn and grow

from the 6th week of life

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