BLC School Holiday Academy

The school holidays are long – even more reason to join us on our entertaining weekly courses. Here at the School Holiday Academy, knowledge-seeking children can go on a voyage of discovery and engage themselves intensively with exciting topics. There is plenty of time for a hands-on experience and immersion. Book now to secure a spot for your child!

Journey to the Middle Ages (weekly workshop)

For one week we immerse ourselves in a completely different world: the world of the Middle Ages. We feel ourselves in a time that is fundamentally different from our lives today and thus also perceive our surroundings in a completely new way. We approach the Middle Ages from many different perspectives and answer exciting questions: What did people eat and drink? How old did

they grew old? How did people deal with alleged witches and sorcerers? How did one become a knight? What did a damsel do all day? A real time travel adventure!

On the trail of the Romans (weekly workshop)

Everyone knows the Romas,

at least from Asterix & Obelix animated series! With their civilisation and their soldiers, they ruled over a huge empire. Many inventions date back to their time, and the Romans changed the societies of our planet in breathtaking ways. We will travel together to ancient Rome for a week and walk in their footsteps. We will learn about their way of life, find out how their state functioned and get in touch with famous Romans. Perhaps we might discover answer to the big question from Asterix and Obelix as to whether the Romans were actually crazy.