Environment & Climate Protection

Beeswax cloth

An exciting upcycling project with direct relevance to everyday life awaits all young environmentalists. We’re not revealing exactly what we’re doing here yet. We would like to introduce a little suspense. But we can give you a little hint: The bee will play a significant role this afternoon.

Upcycling from milk carton to flowerpot

Should the empty milk carton go into the rubbish? What a waste! You can still make something else out of it and this also goes for the many other packaging and recyclable materials. During this inspiring afternoon, we will discover together how a milk carton can be turned into a flowerpot and give little explorers lots of other great ideas.

Water cycle

How does the rain get into the cloud? Why does it rain at all? How does a cloud form and the most important question of all for children: How do we put a snowstorm into a glass? The “Mini Explorers” explore all these questions in different and exciting experiments on the topic of “weather phenomena”.

Sun, Wind & Weather

Playing outside or lazing around inside, thick jacket or shorts, sunscreen, or umbrella – the weather plays a significant role in determining our everyday lives. That is why it is so interesting to learn more about the weather, how it develops, why the weather changes are so important and how everything is connected. Of course, there will be lots of experimenting, trying things out and researching on this afternoon too.