The world of science


How does a magnet work? Who discovered the principle of magnetism? We have even more exciting answers and fascinating experiments for our Mini Explorers to these and many, many more interesting questions!

Space & planets

Space is an excitingly interesting topic for children because it is fascinating to all ages. The infinite expanse of the universe with the sun, the moon and the countless stars holds many riddles that can be explored in astronomy which captures the imagination. We have prepared an exciting afternoon of adventure, which – without a spaceship – far away into the galaxies and the solar system.

Space travel & rockets

Space starts at about 80 to 100 kilometres above the Earth – that is exactly where we want to go. How do you get there? Correct, with a rocket. But what exactly is a rocket and how does it work? How long does space travel take? Why do humans travel into space? Our Mini Explorers explore all these exciting questions.

Journey through the body

The human body is extraordinarily complex Organs, muscles, bones, skin, and nerve pathways – everything has a specific function. How does the sense of taste work? And why does our stomach growl when we are hungry? These and other exciting questions are explored by our Mini Explorers.


Volcanoes have been feared by people since the beginning of time – but volcanoes also fascinate us. Volcanoes can “tell” – either with a roar or a rumble or very quietly – many exciting things about the formation and structure of our Earth. How hot are volcanoes? Are there dangerous volcanoes in Germany? With plenty of experiments and curiosity, our Mini Explorers learn everything about volcanoes.

Dinosaur T-Rex & Co.

We have heard it often enough: “Dinosaurs are extinct!” But we know better! They still exist: the dinosaurs. Why are we so sure? There is a simple answer. Dinosaurs
are very much alive in BLC. Therefore, we invite you to the great dinosaur expedition and of course all our young dinosaur explorers are more than welcome to join us.

Stone Age

The Mini Explorers go on a voyage of discovery. We hop into our time machine and explore the Stone Age. How did people live? Did they have pets? What animals existed at all? Here, our Mini Explorers can together explore a time when strange animals
such as mammoths and woolly rhinos roamed through the landscape.