Mini Master Chefs

Cake Workshop & Co.

Cake Workshop

Less talk, more cake! All of which makes sense because we cannot talk much with our mouths full. With all the delicious ingredients available in our magic kitchen for making little baking works of art, it is hard not to snack. You will be amazed at the fancy creations our Mini Master Chefs can bake.

Cake Pops

Small and round and with a bite in your mouth – that’s roughly how you can imagine the delicious and colourful cake pops that we will conjure up together this afternoon. Exciting questions will be answered: How does the cake become a ball? How does the ball get on the stick? And how do the sprinkles stick to the surface? Got it? Then get to work on the cake pops.

Biscuits and Cookies

Mix them, knead them, and smack them! Forget the infamous shortbread pastry biscuits and get ready for the most delicious and moist cookies ever, homemade by none other than our Mini Master Chefs, of course. Let’s see, maybe there will even be one left over for the parents….

Sweet Bread Pudding

For some it is known as ‘Scheiterhaufen’ and for others it is a delicious bread casserole. But for everyone, it is a delicious dessert that you should try! What ingredients do we need, and how do we make it, and how long does it take? Our Mini Master Chefs will find that out in our magic kitchen!